Talent at its Best

Specialising in Talent Management Solutions & Project Management, Cooper & Associates works with small and large employers both in the public and private sector, aligning employee performance with organisational strategy.

With PEOPLE being an organisations biggest asset, we pride ourselves in supplying our clients with proven customised Human Capital systems, services and solutions.

By assisting our clients to select, train and develop their most important asset – Their PEOPLE, we work hand in hand in eliminating the biggest risk organisations face globally – PEOPLE RISK.

We pride ourselves in providing psychometric assessment solutions from a range of “Best in Class” suppliers, ensuring an eclectic and cost effective approach to assessments.

Cooper & Associates is proud to sell the PDA (Personal Development Analysis) Psychometric Tool throughout South Africa, Africa as well as Internationally. The PDA is an online psychometric assessment measuring Behaviour/Personality, Emotional Intelligence and Energy. The PDA is also able to measure a candidates FIT to Job and Competencies.